Black Sanskirt Singing Bowl

Size: 4"
Sale price$68.97


Material: Brass. Comes with mallet

A Sanskrit Singing Bowl is a captivating fusion of sacred sound and ancient symbolism, marrying the beauty of Tibetan singing bowls with the power of Sanskrit script. Crafted with precision and reverence, these bowls are often made from metal alloys and meticulously inscribed with Sanskrit mantras, prayers, or symbols that hold deep spiritual significance.

When played, the Sanskrit Singing Bowl emits resonant tones that reverberate through the air, inviting a sense of calm and introspection. The Sanskrit inscriptions on the bowl infuse the sound vibrations with the energy of the mantras or prayers they represent. These vibrations are believed to carry the intention of the words and symbols, creating a powerful synergy between sound and intention.

The Sanskrit language itself is revered in various spiritual traditions for its potency and resonance. Each Sanskrit syllable is said to hold unique vibrations that can bring about transformative effects on the practitioner's consciousness and energy field. When combined with the singing bowl's melodic tones, the Sanskrit inscriptions create a multidimensional experience that engages both the auditory and spiritual senses.

In meditation and spiritual practices, Sanskrit Singing Bowls become tools for alignment, healing, and connection. As the bowl is played, the sound and vibrations work to harmonize the practitioner's energy centers, inviting a deep sense of balance and tranquility. The Sanskrit mantras or symbols further enhance the meditative experience, guiding the mind towards focused intention and inner stillness.

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