Gold Evil Eye Elephant Tree

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Dimensions: 9.5" X 9" X 4.5"

The symbolism of the Gold Evil Eye Elephant Tree combines several powerful elements, each carrying its own significant meanings. The gold color signifies wealth, prosperity, and abundance, suggesting that the elephant tree is a source of not only financial fortune but also enduring riches. The Evil Eye, traditionally regarded as a protective amulet against envy and negative energy, takes on a unique role in this context. It implies that the wealth and prosperity represented by the tree are shielded from harm and ill-wishing, ensuring its continued growth and preservation. The presence of the elephant, known for its wisdom and strength, further reinforces the idea of protection and resilience. Together, these elements create a symbol that represents both material wealth and the need to safeguard it from negative influences, embodying the concept of secure and enduring prosperity.

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