Achievement Goldstone Candle

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Goldstone, often referred to as "the stone of ambition," is a dazzling and eye-catching man-made gemstone that exudes a radiant golden sparkle. This shimmering stone is crafted from glass infused with copper flecks, which creates its signature glimmering effect. While not a naturally occurring mineral, goldstone has captured the admiration of many due to its beauty and unique appearance. Beyond its aesthetic allure, goldstone is believed to possess powerful metaphysical properties. It is thought to be a stone of positivity, ambition, and confidence, empowering its bearer to pursue their dreams and aspirations with unwavering determination. Goldstone is also associated with boosting vitality, stimulating creativity, and inspiring a sense of adventure. As a symbol of light and energy, it is believed to ward off negativity and promote a sense of joy and optimism. Whether worn as jewelry or kept as a cherished talisman, goldstone continues to be treasured not only for its radiant splendor but also for its capacity to infuse one's life with ambition, optimism, and a touch of magic.

Light the candle and release your intention for your set purpose. Keep the crystal amulet as a necklace or charm that you can carry with you to extend your blessings. Crystal pendent can be worn as a necklace. Each candle contains an affirmation.

Height: 6.5 inches
Paraffin Free
Lead Free Wick
Made in U.S.A.

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