Flora Bracelet Stack

Sale price$62.04


Features 6 bracelets (Amethyst, Purple Quartz)

Each stack is one of a kind. Excluded from coupons and discounts

Flora is a goddess from Roman mythology associated with flowers, plants, and fertility. She is often considered the counterpart of the Greek goddess Chloris. Flora is revered as the goddess of spring and the blooming of flowers, representing the beauty and abundance of nature.

In Roman mythology, Flora is depicted as a youthful and joyful goddess, typically adorned with flowers and surrounded by floral imagery. She is associated with the growth and flourishing of plants, and her presence signifies the arrival of spring and the renewal of life.

Flora's role as a fertility goddess extends beyond the realm of plants and flowers. She is also connected to human fertility and the propagation of life. She is believed to bless marriages and aid in the conception of children, symbolizing the cycle of life and the continuation of generations.

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