Large Mixed Gemstone Tree

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Dimensions: 11" (approximately) x 5" (base)

A chakra crystal tree, also known as a gemstone tree or crystal bonsai, is a decorative item made by attaching small gemstone chips or beads to wire branches, which are then affixed to a base resembling a tree trunk. Each gemstone used in the tree is associated with a specific chakra, which are believed to be energy centers within the body. The purpose of a chakra crystal tree is primarily twofold:

  1. Chakra balancing and healing: The main purpose of a chakra crystal tree is to promote balance and alignment of the chakras. Each gemstone represents a different chakra and its associated energy. By placing the chakra crystal tree in a space or wearing it, some people believe that it can help balance and harmonize the energy flow within the body, promoting overall well-being.

  2. Decorative and aesthetic appeal: Chakra crystal trees are often used as decorative pieces in homes, offices, or meditation spaces. They can add beauty and a touch of nature to an environment. Additionally, the colorful gemstones and their associations with different chakras can serve as a visual reminder of the importance of energy balance and healing.

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