Loose Juniper

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Weight: approx.1oz, 28g

Juniper, with its deep-rooted history in magic and folklore, serves a multitude of mystical purposes. Its aromatic branches and berries are often employed in spells and rituals for protection, purifying spaces, and enhancing psychic abilities. Juniper is regarded as a potent ward against negative energies and malevolent forces, commonly placed in sachets or sprinkled around dwellings to establish a protective shield. Its purifying qualities make it ideal for rituals aimed at cleansing environments, objects, or individuals, where the burning of juniper leaves or the use of juniper smoke can dispel negativity. Furthermore, juniper is believed to sharpen psychic senses and intuition, making it a valuable tool in divination and meditation practices. Additionally, juniper can be harnessed in love spells to attract affection, and its holistic attributes can be used in holistic healing rituals.

Not for human/animal consumption

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