Tiger Eye Phallus Crystal

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Tiger Eye
Keywords: Confidence, awareness of emotions, grasping fortune
Element: Earth
Chakras: Root (1st), Solar Plexus (3rd)

Crystal phallus's have landed! Well since ancient times the phallus has been used to represent power and strength + they make great meditation companions. Each crystal has a unique vibration so choose one based on your intention. Phallus crystals are great for sexual healing, manifesting your soul mates, balancing your masculine and feminine sides and make the perfect gag gifts.

The purpose of a crystal phallus, like any other crystal, can vary depending on the individual's beliefs, intentions, and cultural or spiritual practices. Here are a few perspectives on the purpose of crystal phalluses:

  1. Symbolism and energy focus: Phallic symbols have long been associated with fertility, creativity, and masculine energy in various cultures. In the context of crystals, a phallus-shaped crystal can be seen as a representation of male energy, power, and virility. Some people may use a crystal phallus to focus and direct their energy towards these qualities or to explore and balance masculine aspects within themselves.

  2. Sexual energy and healing: Crystals are often believed to possess unique energetic properties that can be used for healing and balancing the body, mind, and spirit. In the case of a crystal phallus, it may be associated with sexual energy, passion, and intimacy. Some individuals may use a crystal phallus in their personal spiritual or healing practices to explore, heal, or enhance their connection to their own sexuality or to promote healthy sexual relationships.

  3. Sacred rituals and practices: In certain spiritual or sacred traditions, phallic symbols are used as objects of worship, fertility rites, or as tools in rituals related to fertility, abundance, or masculine deities. A crystal phallus may be incorporated into such practices as a sacred representation of masculine energy or as a focal point for specific intentions or prayers.

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