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Jet is not technically a crystal, but rather a type of organic gemstone. It is formed from the fossilized wood of ancient trees, specifically the Araucaria tree. Jet has been used for various purposes throughout history, and its purpose or use can vary depending on cultural beliefs and personal preferences. Here are some common purposes associated with jet:

  1. Protection: Jet is often regarded as a protective stone. It is believed to ward off negative energies, psychic attacks, and unwanted influences. In some traditions, jet is worn or carried as a talisman or amulet for protection.

  2. Grief and mourning: Jet has a long history of being associated with mourning and used as a symbol of grief. It is often used in mourning jewelry or incorporated into mourning rituals. Jet is believed to provide support and comfort during times of loss and bereavement.

  3. Grounding and stability: Jet is considered a grounding stone, helping to anchor one's energy and provide stability in challenging or chaotic situations. It is believed to promote a sense of calm, balance, and inner strength.

  4. Purification and cleansing: Jet is thought to have purifying properties, both energetically and physically. It is believed to absorb and dispel negative energies and pollutants, aiding in spiritual and emotional purification.

  5. Past-life exploration: Some individuals use jet as a tool for past-life regression or exploration. It is believed to assist in accessing past-life memories and experiences, promoting spiritual growth and understanding.

  6. Psychic awareness and divination: Jet is sometimes used to enhance psychic abilities and intuition. It is believed to heighten spiritual awareness, facilitate dream recall, and support divination practices such as scrying.

Each order will receive only one stone. These stones are completely natural and vary in size, shape, color and weight

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