Wintergreen Cut

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Weight: 1oz, 28g

Wintergreen holds a distinct place in magickal practices, symbolizing healing, transformation, and connection to the spiritual realm. In the realm of spirituality and spellwork, wintergreen is often associated with its aromatic and invigorating qualities, making it a valuable tool for rituals focused on rejuvenation and energy clearing. Its cooling properties reflect its magickal symbolism of soothing and healing, aligning with practices aimed at physical or emotional recovery. Wintergreen's evergreen leaves and presence throughout the year connect it to the cycles of life and rebirth, making it an ideal ingredient in rituals celebrating transformation and personal growth. Additionally, its scent is believed to enhance meditation and spiritual connection, serving as a bridge between the earthly and ethereal planes. Whether used in oils, sachets, or meditation practices, wintergreen offers an avenue for accessing its healing energies, guiding practitioners toward renewal, spiritual insight, and holistic well-being.

Not for human/animal consumption

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