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Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Shop our collection of unique stocking stuffers for the upcoming Holiday season. From tiny tarot decks to mini crystal kits and everything in between!


  • Zodiac Healing Crystal Keychain ($7.99). A great gift for your fellow Virgo, Libra, Cancer and everything in between. Perfect to add as an accessory item or as an accessory piece to any outfit. Keychain is made from 100% natural healing crystals that pertain to a specific zodiac sign
      • Feng Shui Hand Carved Jade Luck Charm ($7.99). It is said that Jade is valuable since it brings forth luck.  Hang it in your home or office or carry it with you and it can bring peace and harmony to your life and your surroundings. Each charm comes with a specific intention and matching symbol
      • Handmade Adjustable Evil Eye Ring ($9.99). Wear this beautiful ring to ward any negativity or "evil" glances that may come your way. Featured in a variety of colors which are symbolic of the Evil Eye
        • Light Up Display for Healing Crystals ($3.99). Light interchanges colors,ideally used for light colored healing crystals such as clear quartz, fluorite, rose quartz, selenite and more. Put your favorite healing crystals on this display to light them up while creating a breath taking ambience
          • Pewter Pocket Coin (CULT FAVORITE) ($1.99). These coins are perfect for you to carry around with you for some extra boost or luck. They also make great altar offerings to your Deities or Gods/Goddess's. Each coin is uniquely crafted with intricate detailing
            • Tiny Universal Waite Tarot Deck ($8.99). At less than one and a half inches tall, this precious tarot deck can go anywhere with you. This miniature deck comes with its own tiny instruction booklet. Tiny Universal Waite Tarot features the iconic drawings of Pamela Colman Smith
              • Voodoo Dolls ($7.99). Voodoo dolls are for fun. By keeping one of these dolls you will be helped with any aspects of your life that needs improvement. From quirky "Greatest Auntie" to "Heart Hunter", these dollies will definitely put a smile on someones face
                • Magnetic Hematite Pair ($3.99). A well-known grounding stone, Hematite is also known for drawing in good energy and helping to heal and protect the physical body.  It is one of the most popular stones in casual jewelry, lending a steadying weight to remind you to stay in the current moment.
                  • Healing Crystal Oil Rollers ($5.99). Glass perfume roller with healing crystal chips. Simply fill your roller with your favorite essential oil or perfume oil! Comes in a variety of healing crystals such as Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Chalcedony and many more!
                    • Wildberry Incense (CULT FAVORITE) $1.99-$2.99. Wild Berry Incense uses only the highest quality of fragrances and a proprietary ingredient to keep the fragrance smelling fresher, longer. It's unique formula ensures that it smells the same on the stick as it does in the jar. Wild Berry Incense has been lovingly hand-dipped since 1971
                      • Reiki Infused Chakra Votive Candles ($2.99). Chakra Candles are ideal for use in sacred spaces, for meditation, chakra re-balancing and to create a warm and relaxing environment. Each votive is made from highly refined wax infused with a unique blend of rose and geranium oils
                        • Hand Crafted Fragrance Oils ($3.50-$3.99). With a wide variety of scents, our fragrance oils are perfect for any occasion. Mix and match to experiment with scents. Use for potpourri, aroma lamps, oil burners, and oil diffusers. Can also be used for spells and other magickal workings, dependent on your intention
                          • Crystal Confetti Mix ($9.99). Every scoop is different! You will receive various sizes of small crystals, crystal chips, polished or rough stones, charms pocket coins and many more surprises. Each scoop is unique and comes with a velvet East Meets West baggie for storage
                            • Healing Crystal Worry Stones ($4.99-$5.99). Use by holding the stone between the index finger and thumb and gently moving one's thumb back and forth across the stone. This action of moving one's thumb back and forth across the stone is thought to reduce stress
                              • Tiny Universal-Waite Tarot Deck Keychain ($9.00). Packaged in an attractive, durable carrying case so that you can take it with you. Includes 78-card Tiny Universal Waite Tarot Deck and instructions. Hang it on your car keys for a quick tarot reading



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