What is SavedBy Package Protection?
SavedBy Package Protection is an optional add-on that can help cover the cost of lost, damaged or stolen packages. We do everything that we can to make sure the package gets to you, but in cases when issues arise SavedBy can help.

How Much Does it Cost?
SavedBy varies depending on the price of your order. It will automatically calculate once you begin to add items to your cart.

Do I need SavedBy?
You don’t, but it can help speed up the process of resolving issues related to shipping. And in some cases where packages may not be covered by us, SavedBy can help where we wouldn’t be able to.

How do I use my SavedBy Protection?
If you have issues with your package, reach out to SavedBy directly here: https://savedby.io/file-a-claim. Please review their policies to make sure that your package can be covered here: https://savedby.io/policies

How long do I have to wait until I can receive a new package?
SavedBy can help send a new package within 1 business day! Sometimes it may take more, but in most cases they are very quick to resolve any issues that arise.

Will SavedBy reach out to me directly?
SavedBy will send you an email confirmation once you have placed an order in our store that includes their SavedBy Package Protection. Keep your eye out for it!
If you have any questions for their team, or have filed a claim, they will email you directly with any questions, updates, and resolutions. Their email address is: Support@Savedby.io for general questions, and Claims@SavedBy.io for issues with packages.

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