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Harnessing the energy associated with each day of the week, especially when considering the planetary influences, is a fascinating way to align intentions with cosmic forces and to boost your manifestation and pull some in some celestial energies.

In astrology and ancient traditions, each day of the week is associated with a particular planet, and these associations have been passed down through various cultural and religious practices.

  1. Monday (Moon-Moonstone): Monday is linked to the Moon. The name itself is derived from Old English "Monandæg," which means Moon's day. The Moon has long been associated with emotions, intuition, and the ebb and flow of life. Attributes: Enhances intuition, fosters emotional healing, and promotes balance. Ideal for connecting with the feminine energy associated with the moon. Shop Moonstone here

  2. Tuesday (Mars- Red Jasper): Tuesday is associated with Mars, named after the Roman god of war. In Latin, it is "dies Martis," meaning Mars's day. Mars is linked to energy, action, and assertiveness. Attributes: Known for grounding energy, fostering courage, and boosting determination. Perfect for channeling the assertive energy of Mars. Shop Red Jasper Here

  3. Wednesday (Mercury-Clear Quartz): Wednesday is tied to Mercury, named after the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology. In Latin, it is "dies Mercurii." Mercury is associated with communication, intellect, and adaptability.Attributes: Amplifies clarity, focus, and intention. A versatile crystal that complements the communicative and adaptable qualities of Mercury. Shop Clear Quartz Here 

  4. Thursday (Jupiter- Amethyst): Thursday is associated with Jupiter, named after the king of the gods in Roman mythology. In Latin, it is "dies Jovis." Jupiter is linked to expansion, growth, and benevolence. Attributes: Facilitates spiritual growth, wisdom, and prosperity. Aligns with the expansive and benevolent energies of Jupiter. Shop Amethyst here

  5. Friday (Venus- Rose Quartz): Friday is associated with Venus, named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. In Latin, it is "dies Veneris." Venus is connected to love, relationships, and aesthetics. Attributes: Encourages love, harmony, and emotional healing. Perfect for manifesting intentions related to relationships and aesthetics. Shop Rose Quartz here

  6. Saturday (Saturn- Black Tourmaline): Saturday is linked to Saturn, named after the Roman god of time and harvest. In Latin, it is "dies Saturni." Saturn is associated with discipline, responsibility, and structure. Attributes: Provides protection, grounding, and aids in releasing negativity. Ideal for working with the disciplined and structured energy of Saturn. Shop Black Tourmaline Here

  7. Sunday (Sun-Citrine): Sunday is associated with the Sun, named after the center of our solar system. In Latin, it is "dies Solis." The Sun is connected to vitality, self-expression, and life force.Attributes: Radiates warmth, positivity, and abundance. Aligns with the life force and vitality associated with the Sun. Shop Citrine here

These planetary associations have influenced various cultural and religious practices, including astrology, and are often considered when choosing auspicious times for activities or rituals.

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