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How to cleanse a Tarot Deck

Your tarot deck is a precious tool used to connect you with yourself and your spirit guides. This means that your deck needs care and love just like you do! Therefore, you should aim to cleanse your deck when you feel that your energy is off or if you feel that your readings are “off” or inaccurate. There are many ways to cleanse your deck! Here are four methods that can be used to cleanse your deck and reconnect you with intuition.

Why should you cleanse your deck?

  • Using a new deck. Allows you to have a fresh start and connect with your new tarot deck
  • You feel like you need a refresh
  • Giving readings to others. Other people’s energy can have an effect on you and your deck
  • Your readings are not as “spot on” as they normally are
  • Other people have used your deck. Other people's energy can latch onto your personal deck.
  • You have not used your deck in a while and you wish to reconnect with your deck deck and your spirit guides

How to Cleanse my deck?

  • Put them out during a new or full moon. By doing so, you allow the deck to be cleansed by the natural illumination of the moon. Place them outside when it begins to get dark and put them back inside in the morning (best before sunrise). Make sure you place them outside with positive intentions and place the deck under crystals for an extra cleansing
  • Use incense. Light a fresh incense stick and let the smoke circle while you hold your deck of cards. While you do so, use affirmations such as “I wish to cleanse this deck of all of the energy that it holds in hopes of new beginnings”
  • Use salt. Place some salt pieces in a bowl and set your deck on top of the pieces. Salt has been said to absorb toxins in the air and within objects. Set your deck on the salt overnight and let the salt do all the work! Many use this salt to cleanse their crystals as well
  • Use crystals: Selenite and Black Tourmaline work best! Selenite is a naturally charged crystal that can be used to not only cleanse your deck but also charge your deck! Black tourmaline is a crystal associated with protection. By placing the crystal(s) on your deck, you allow it to absorb any potential negative energy. Let these crystals rest on your deck for at least an hour or overnight if you see fit

How often should I cleanse my deck?

Whenever you feel it is necessary, there are no rules! Use your intuition and cleanse your deck as often as you feel that you need to do so. Some tarot readers choose to clean their deck between every reading. If you feel that your energy or readings are off, that should be a hint to maybe give your deck a quick cleanse.


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Tammy Banfill

Tammy Banfill

Thanks for the info

Susan Watterson

Susan Watterson

These tips are great for cleansing your tarot deck. I like to smoke cleanse mine with Palo Santo smoke..

Shelley Jo Graham

Shelley Jo Graham

Excellent tips❣️
Thank you

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