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How to Use a Pendulum for Divination

Pendulums are sensitive to hidden truths and information from the universe and your spiritual soul. Pendulums are used to answers our questions, mostly with "yes" or "no" responses, and can give us better insights to certain circumstances. Trust your intuition and detach yourself from all possible answers in order to remain neutral. Pendulums can pick up the slightest changes in energy and energetic vibrations so it's best to be completely in the present when doing divination work. Are you ready to unlock your hidden truths and begin your journey in dowsing with pendulums?

When choosing an Pendulum, it's important to pick one that speaks to you. Don't buy a specific Pendulum because it's trendy or readily available. Take your time in finding one that is perfect for you. Here are a few of our pendulums to get the wheels spinning.

-Clear Quartz Pendulum

-Copper Pendulum

-Orgonite Chakra Pendulum

-Turquoise Pendulum w/ Feather

-Copper Dagger Pendulum

Once you have chosen your Pendulum, the first thing you should do is to cleanse it by using a cleansing method of your choice. Keep in mind, when working with salt water to cleanse, be mindful of the material of your Pendulum as to avoid damaging it. Once you have cleansed your Pendulum, the next step is to charge it by moonlight, sunlight (again be aware of the composition of your Pendulum as extreme sunlight can damage it), selenite, vibrational sounds, or any other method you see fit. After your Pendulum is charged you are ready to activate it and begin your dowsing work.

First, you must learn the "language" of your Pendulum. Begin by sitting in a relaxed position, hold the pendulum using your dominant hand. Hold the pendulum at the end, or near the top of the chain, between your thumb and index finger. While suspending your pendulum from your fingers you are ready to activate it. Begin by asking very simple, straight forward "yes" or "no" questions ,which you already knows the answer to, so that you can determine the direction of movement for the "yes" answers and the "no" answers. Typically, back and forth would mean "yes" and left to right would mean "no". If your Pendulum goes in a circle, a counter-clockwise circle, or in a diagonal direction, ask your Pendulum what this particular direction can mean. For instance, a diagonal sway can mean "maybe", "not sure", or "re-ask" the question. Once you have activated your Pendulum, you are ready to begin your dowsing work!

Some advice while beginning your dowsing journey is to be completely detached from the outcome of your answer as your energetic vibrations can cause your Pendulum's answers so be inaccurate. In these cases, you can have a friend or spiritual adviser do the dowsing for you. Store your Pendulum in a black solid pouch and keep it hidden and out of site. Remember, Pendulums absorb and release high amounts of energy so it's important to cleanse and charge your Pendulum's from time to time. Happy dowsing!

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