Brass Cat Figurine

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Material: Brass, Dimensions: 1.25 " x 3"

In Feng Shui, cat figurines carry a diverse range of symbolic meanings, making them a popular choice for enhancing the energy in living spaces. The interpretation of cat symbolism in Feng Shui largely depends on the specific context and intentions of the practitioner. Cat figurines are often associated with protection from negative energies, as cats are believed to have a natural ability to ward off malevolent forces.  Cats are also seen as embodiment's of harmony, peace, and grace, often placed in areas where serenity and well-being are sought. Their calming presence can promote balance and tranquility in various parts of the home. Ultimately, the symbolism of cat figurines in Feng Shui is a personal and cultural matter, and practitioners often choose cat figurines that align with their specific goals and intentions for their living space.

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