Antique Brass Ganesha Figurine

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Material: Brass, Dimensions: 3.5 " x 2"

Ganesha, often depicted as an elephant-headed deity in Hinduism, carries profound symbolism that extends beyond religious boundaries. Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, symbolizing the power to overcome challenges and hurdles in life. His elephant head represents wisdom and intelligence, emphasizing the importance of wisdom in overcoming obstacles. The broken tusk is a symbol of sacrifice and the idea that sometimes, in the pursuit of knowledge, sacrifices must be made. Ganesha's large ears signify the significance of active listening and his ability to carefully consider different perspectives. His four arms often hold symbolic items, such as a noose to capture obstacles, an axe to cut attachments, a lotus flower for purity and enlightenment, and his own broken tusk, symbolizing self-sacrifice for the greater good. Ganesha's round belly represents a peaceful and contented nature, while the mouse he rides symbolizes his mastery over desires and ego. Overall, Ganesha is a beloved deity who embodies the qualities of wisdom, inner strength, and the ability to clear life's path of impediments, making him a universally cherished symbol of success and overcoming challenges.

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