Blue Cloaked Tibetan Buddha Figurine

Sale price$75.35


Dimensions: 11"

The image of Buddha in Blue & Gold holds profound symbolism that intertwines spiritual depth and artistic beauty. The serene visage of Buddha, often depicted in meditative repose or with a compassionate gaze, radiates a sense of inner peace and enlightenment. The use of blue and gold adds layers of meaning to this representation. Blue, symbolizing wisdom and the vast expanse of the sky, represents the boundless nature of consciousness and the depth of spiritual insight. It speaks to the profound understanding that comes from transcending worldly attachments and delusions, inviting viewers to embrace a higher perspective. Gold, a color often associated with divinity and enlightenment, enriches the image with a sense of purity, sacredness, and illumination. It mirrors the radiance of the awakened mind, conveying the brilliance that arises from transcending suffering and realizing one's true nature


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