Celtic Cross Pewter Necklace

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Dimensions: 2" (charm) 36" adjustable cord

A Celtic Cross pewter necklace is a symbol of rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance. The Celtic Cross is a cross enclosed within a circle, and it is an iconic representation of Celtic and Irish traditions. The cross itself symbolizes Christian faith, as it was adopted by early Celtic Christians, but it is also infused with pre-Christian pagan elements, reflecting the melding of old and new beliefs.

The circle that surrounds the cross represents the interconnectedness of life, the eternal cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, and the unity of all things. The combination of the Christian cross and the circle imparts a sense of balance and harmony between the spiritual and the natural worlds, making it a powerful emblem for those who appreciate the fusion of different belief systems.

Wearing a Celtic Cross pewter necklace can signify one's Irish or Celtic heritage, Christian faith, or a connection to the broader themes of spirituality, unity, and the cycles of life. It can be a deeply personal and meaningful piece of jewelry, serving as a reminder of one's roots, values, and the enduring interplay of the spiritual and earthly dimensions of existence.

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