Lovers Spell Candle

Color: Pink
Sale price$13.78


Dimensions: 7"

Burn a pink candle can ignite passion between you and a lover. It can also be burned to bring back someone who has strayed from a relationship. Burning a red candle may assist you with energy, strength, power, determination, passion, desire, and love

The two figures are separate from each other until they are joined at the base. Burn your Lovers to ignite the passion between you and your mate! Can also be burned to bring someone back who has strayed from the relationship. Suggestions: Write your petition on parchment paper and place beneath the candle. and Anoint with a love oil.

You may want to "dress your candle to meet your needs. "Dressing" a candle is putting specific oil and herbs on the candle all the white infusing it with your intention. Visit our herbs section and anointing oils for more information.

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