Runestone Elhaz (algiz) Bronze Necklace

Sale price$20.66


Dimensions: 1" (charm) 36" adjustable cord

A Runestone Elhaz (Algiz) Pewter Necklace is a striking piece of jewelry imbued with ancient runic symbolism. The Elhaz or Algiz rune is a powerful runic symbol representing protection, defense, and divine connection. It is often associated with the idea of an elk's antlers, symbolizing strength and spiritual awakening. Crafted from pewter, a metal with historical and mystical connotations, this necklace serves as both a fashion accessory and a talisman of personal empowerment and safety. Wearing a Runestone Elhaz necklace can be a reminder of one's inner strength and the protective energies that surround them, making it a meaningful and unique adornment for those drawn to runic magic or Norse spirituality.

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