Wicca Stability Pewter Necklace

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Dimensions: 1.5"

Lead free Pewter on an adjustable 36" black cord

A Wicca crescent moon pentacle pewter necklace is a mesmerizing and spiritually rich piece of jewelry that combines several potent symbols within the Wiccan tradition. At its core is the crescent moon, a symbol of the ever-changing phases of the lunar cycle and the cycles of life and renewal. This crescent moon cradles a pentacle, a five-pointed star enclosed in a circle, representing balance, protection, and connection to the elements and the divine.

Made from pewter, a metal often associated with magical and mystical jewelry, this necklace embodies the energy of the pentacle and the moon, making it a powerful talisman for Wiccans and those drawn to the craft. Wearing a Wicca crescent moon pentacle pewter necklace is a way to carry the blessings of the moon, the protective qualities of the pentacle, and the essence of Wiccan spirituality with you, serving as a reminder of your connection to the natural world and the spiritual forces that guide your path. It's a beautiful and meaningful adornment for those who seek to honor the cycles of nature and their place within it.

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