Wooden Dream Catcher Trinket Box

Sale price$24.80


Wooden Storage box

Dimensions: 6" x 4"

Use this to store all your favorite trinkets and treasures!

Material: 100% wood 

The dreamcatcher, originating from Native American cultures like the Ojibwa, carries profound symbolism. Traditionally crafted with a circular frame adorned with a woven web, feathers, and beads, it serves as both a cultural emblem and a spiritual talisman. As it hangs above sleeping spaces, its primary role is to filter dreams, allowing only positive ones to pass through while capturing negative ones in its intricate web. This practice embodies the idea of protection and connection to the spiritual realm. Beyond its function, the dreamcatcher symbolizes the wisdom of Indigenous traditions and the importance of honoring and learning from their beliefs. Its design often evokes the image of a spider's web, linking it to the concept of destiny and creativity. In today's world, the dreamcatcher holds a place as a mindful reminder of cultural awareness and the interconnectedness of all things.

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