258g Top Polished Emerald Point

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Dimensions: 3.5" x 2"

  1. When using a crystal point for manifestation, hold it in your dominant hand and visualize your intention while directing the point outward, as if sending the energy of your intention into the universe.

  2. For energy cleansing, you can sweep a crystal point above your body or around a space in a sweeping motion, allowing the pointed end to draw out and release stagnant or negative energy.

  3. During meditation or spiritual practices, hold a crystal point in your hand or place it in front of you to serve as a focal point for concentration and to enhance the flow of energy within your meditation practice.

Emerald is a precious gemstone known for its rich green color and stunning beauty. It has been revered throughout history for its various benefits. Here are some of the key benefits associated with Emerald:

  1. Emotional Healing and Balance: Emerald is often associated with emotional healing and bringing balance to the emotions. It is believed to soothe and calm emotional turmoil, promote inner harmony, and encourage a sense of tranquility. Emerald is used to foster emotional intelligence, empathy, and compassion.

  2. Love and Relationships: Emerald is known as the "stone of love" and is associated with enhancing love and relationships. It is believed to attract and strengthen romantic love, deepen emotional connections, and promote loyalty and unity in partnerships. Emerald is also used to encourage forgiveness and promote harmonious communication in relationships.

  3. Abundance and Prosperity: Emerald is believed to have the ability to attract abundance and prosperity into one's life. It is associated with wealth, success, and financial growth. Emerald is used to align one's energies with the vibration of abundance, enhance manifestation abilities, and attract opportunities for prosperity.

  4. Enhanced Intuition and Spiritual Growth: Emerald is often regarded as a stone of wisdom and intuition. It is believed to stimulate and open the third eye chakra, enhancing psychic abilities and intuition. Emerald is used to deepen spiritual insight, facilitate spiritual growth, and connect with higher realms of consciousness.

  5. Physical Healing and Vitality: Emerald is thought to have various physical healing properties. It is believed to support the cardiovascular system, enhance immune function, and promote overall physical well-being. Emerald is used to bring vitality, rejuvenation, and improved health to the body.

  6. Protection and Energy Cleansing: Emerald is believed to provide protective energies and help ward off negative influences. It is used to shield against psychic attacks, negative energies, and electromagnetic pollution. Emerald is also associated with purifying and cleansing the energy field, bringing a sense of renewal and freshness.

This information is intended for entertainment purposes only. *Points may come with hot glue on the tip for protection. This can be easily removed.

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