Activated Charcoal Powder

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Weight: 1oz, 28g

Activated charcoal holds a significant place in magickal practices due to its transformative and purifying properties. In the realm of spirituality and energy work, activated charcoal is often considered a potent tool for absorbing and dispelling negative energies, making it an essential component in rituals aimed at banishing, cleansing, and protection. Just as it absorbs toxins in the physical realm, it is believed to absorb psychic impurities and negativity, leaving a space or object cleansed and energetically refreshed. Activated charcoal's dark and mysterious appearance also aligns with the symbolism of the shadow self and introspection, making it a powerful aid for inner reflection and self-discovery. Whether used in cleansing rituals, protective spells, or as an aid in connecting with the unseen, activated charcoal's transformative qualities lend themselves well to various magickal intentions, inviting practitioners to harness its essence for purification, renewal, and spiritual growth.

Not for human/animal consumption

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