Black Soapstone Celestical Trinket Box

Sale price$29.99


Dimensions: 4" x 6"

Store your favorite tarot/oracle deck with this natural soapstone box. This box can also be used to store any other magickal items such as crystals. Celestial symbolism resonates deeply across cultures and belief systems, often evoking notions of the divine, transcendence, and cosmic order. The heavens, with their luminous bodies and vast expanses, are commonly associated with the divine realm. Stars symbolize guidance and destiny, their constancy serving as beacons of hope and inspiration. The moon, waxing and waning, represents cycles, change, and the passage of time, while the sun embodies vitality, enlightenment, and the eternal source of life. Celestial bodies' movement across the sky mirrors the rhythm of existence, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all things. Celestial symbolism invites us to contemplate the mysteries of the universe, recognize our place within its grandeur, and explore the profound spiritual insights that can be gleaned from gazing upward into the night sky.

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