Black Tourmaline Lunar Phase Harmonizers

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Comes packaged in a gift box

Dimensions: 4", laser engraved (comes in a pair)

Crystal harmonizers typically consist of two crystal points or pieces that are joined at a central point, creating a bridge-like structure. The shape and arrangement of these points are believed to facilitate the flow of energy, allowing for the exchange and balance of energies between the two points. The user can hold, place, or move the harmonizer to direct and balance the flow of energy, potentially aiding in the alignment of chakras, energy meridians, or other energy centers. Crystal harmonizers is deeply rooted in alternative and metaphysical practices, its effectiveness is subjective and not universally supported by scientific evidence. Individuals who believe in the power of crystals often find value in using harmonizers as tools to enhance their meditation, energy healing, and spiritual practices.

How to use:

Holding the Harmonizers in the relative hands to stone type get into a comfortable sitting position with legs uncrossed.  Sit with your hands on your knee with palm up and holding your Harmonizers parallel to each other.  Close your eyes and relax allowing yourself to go into a meditative state concentrate on your breathing and energizing your body.

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