St. Mary Magdelena Pewter Necklace

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Dimensions: 1" (charm) 12" necklace cord

A St. Mary Magdalene necklace is a symbol of devotion and reverence for one of the most prominent women in the Bible and Christian tradition. Mary Magdalene is known for her unwavering faith and her close association with Jesus Christ. Wearing a St. Mary Magdalene necklace is a way to honor her as a symbol of faith and an exemplar of transformation and redemption. The pendant typically features an image or representation of Mary Magdalene, often holding a jar of anointing oil or depicted in deep contemplation. This necklace serves as a personal and meaningful piece of jewelry, reminding the wearer of the importance of faith, forgiveness, and spiritual growth. It can be a source of inspiration and a reminder of the power of divine love and grace, making it a cherished accessory for those seeking to connect with the spiritual and historical significance of Mary Magdalene in Christianity.

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