Turquoise Seed of Life Ring

Sale price$9.99


Material: Brass

This ring is adjustable

*Please note, each crystal stone will be different, no custom requests

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A Turquoise Seed of Life ring is a stunning piece of jewelry that marries ancient symbolism with exquisite craftsmanship. The Seed of Life symbol is a geometric pattern composed of seven circles, each representing a stage of creation, growth, and transformation. This intricate design, often seen as a symbol of life and spiritual evolution, is beautifully complemented by the soothing, aqua hues of the Turquoise gemstone. Turquoise, a stone with a rich cultural and spiritual history, is associated with protection, healing, and enhancing one's connection to the spiritual realm. A Turquoise Seed of Life ring not only showcases your appreciation for sacred geometry but also serves as a personal amulet of spiritual growth and well-being. With its combination of meaningful symbolism and the calming energy of Turquoise, this ring is a unique and enchanting accessory that can resonate with those who appreciate both style and spirituality.

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