Wooden Ganesha Trinket Box

Sale price$17.99


Wooden Storage box

Dimensions: 6" x 4"

Use this to store all your favorite trinkets and treasures!

Material: 100% wood 

Lord Ganesha, a prominent deity in Hinduism, holds rich symbolism that encompasses a range of attributes and virtues. As the remover of obstacles, Ganesha is often invoked at the beginning of endeavors and rituals to seek his blessings for success and smooth progress. His distinctive elephant head symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, and foresight, while his human body represents the earthly presence of divinity. Overall, Ganesha embodies qualities of wisdom, intellect, compassion, and protection. His symbolism teaches lessons of overcoming obstacles, embracing change, and fostering inner growth. Ganesha's multifaceted symbolism has made him a beloved and revered deity not only in Hinduism but also across diverse cultures and spiritual practices around the world.

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