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A collection of easy spells and magickal workings with step by step instructions to attract your manifestations and desires.

  • Attract Wealth Simmer Pot

1. Add water to your oil burner/simmer pot (purchase simmer pot here)

2. Add Patchouli for wealth*

3. Add Dandelion for bringing in money*

4. Add Golden Seal Root for luck & prosperity*

5. Add your Attraction Oil

6. Light your tealight

*You can substitute the herbs with Rosemary, Basil, Lemongrass, Calendula

  • Protection Candle

1. Pick a white or black candle to use. Can either be one of our protection candles here or a spell candle will work.

2. Carve any protective sigils into your candle

3. "Dress" your candle with a protection oil such as "go away evil", "uncrossing", or any other oil(s) that have protective properties*. Make sure to rub the oil on counter clockwise to banish negative energy

4. "Dress" your candle with Sandalwood Chips, St. John's Wart, or Sulfur Power

5. Speak your intentions out loud and light you candle

*Additional protection oils include: Peppermint, Sage, Bergamont

  • Stress Release Spell Bottle

1. Empty spell bottle

2. Herbs: Lavender, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Valerian Root

3. Oil: Lavender

4. *Crystal Chips: Amethyst

5. Put contents into your empty spell bottle

6. Seal it with candle wax

*You can substitute with Pink Calcite or any other crystal that embodies the vibration of calmness. Buy our crystal chips set here

  • Crystal Charging Box

1. Empty box - we have decorative box's for sale here

2. Herbs: Juniper (Healing), Burdock (purification), Rosemary (protection and intention), Rose Buds (love & manifestation)

3. Mix the herbs well in your box

4. Add a selenite plate on top of the herbs for charging

5. Add your crystals into the box overnight to charge

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Emily naomi

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