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What is Moon Water?

Throughout ancient history, humans have worshiped the moon and all of the lunar energy the moon provides. The moon plays a major role in many religions and practices. Many of these religions look at the moon as a goddess like figure that plays a major role in human life. Often, these religions and practices use the moon as a guide or pathway for energy. Moon water is a very common within witchcraft, Wiccan, and spiritual practices.  In fact, the concept of moon water originated in witchcraft from the early to mid 1800’s. Moon water is simply water that has been exposed to moonlight for a prolonged amount of time for it to absorb the moon’s energy.

What Can You Use Moon Water For?

Moon water can be used to cleanse your crystals. Put your fresh moon water into a bowl and gently place your water safe crystals in the water. Allow for your crystals to sit overnight. Make sure your crystals can go in water before using this particular method to cleanse them other wise they might start to disintegrate. You can also use your moon water to cleanse your home. Put your moon water in a spray bottle and spritz your magical water around your home where you feel a “refresh” is needed. In addition to cleansing your space, moon water is great way to self cleanse. You can use your moon water to brew tea, infuse a bath, cook with, in addition to many home beauty recipes. Moon water can also be used in spell work and rituals to increase the power of your magickal workings. The moon's lunar phase correlates with a specific energy such as; full moon (most powerful), waxing (to bring something in), waning (to remove/banish), crying moon (shadow work), dark moon (cursing/undoing/hexing), new moon (new beginnings).

How to Make Moon Water

Step one: On the night of a full moon (or whatever lunar phase you need moon water from), take a clean jar and fill it with water. Cleanse your jar by using incense or sage and engulf the jar in smoke to cleanse it from previous energy.

Step Two: Place this jar in a window during evening hours or outside. Place it with positive intention and affirmations. Feel free to state your affirmations out loud as you do so. The July 2021 Aquarius moon brought in energy of refresh and rebirth. An example of an affirmation or intention would be: I am willing to let go of anything that is keeping me from being reborn.

Step three: Let the jar sit overnight. If you want an extra “boost”, place some crystals on top or around your jar. A good crystal to incorporate in your moon water ritual is clear quartz. Clear quartz is not only an amplifier but it is programmable, meaning that it can really boost your intentions for your moon water.

Step Four: When morning comes your moon water is ready to be used. Personally, I put mine in a clean spray bottle for multi use but some prefer to drink it the morning after or even use the water right away for another purpose. Moon water can be used overtime or in one use, it is truly up to you.


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I made fullmoon water in March of this year. I read somewhere it was in the sign Libra which gave it balance and harmony. How can I find out more about how signs affect or infuse the moon water?

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