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The new moon is a time to set intentions, launch new projects and make certain changes. New moons happen once a month and signify the beginning of a cycle,so they are typically thought of as a "reset." This lunar phase if an ideal time to set intentions and manifest your deepest desires. It's the perfect time to focus on what you want to master during the monthly moon cycle. Use this time to focus on large aspirations and dreams. The New Moon cycle also prepares you to enter a new chapter is discovering yourself, embracing both good and bad qualities. Some may be drawn to shadow work and mindfulness during this period. We've cultivated a list of our top healing crystals to work with during this lunar phase for optimal results.

1. Kunzite: A popular stone because of its healing properties. Kunzite will bring you inner peace and give you a high capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding. It will calm all the noise and chaos in your life, and you will enjoy peace and serenity whenever you need it. This stone is great for "resetting" your emotions while being present in the moment. This clarity will enable you to see the bigger picture and allow you to focus on your goals.

2. Tourmaline Quartz: An effective grounding stone, Tourmaline Quartz strengthens the body's energy field against environmental influences.It eliminates embedded patterns which are, or may have been, destructive in your life and releases them. While keeping you perfectly grounded, this stone will allow you to align with your highest good and keep the bigger picture in focus. Tourmaline Quartz is also great for balancing out any turbulent emotions that may come with the New Moon phase

3. Moonstone: Moonstone encourages insight, especially into the self, as well as intuition. This stone gives you the patience to allow yourself time to deal with certain emotions and flow through your "feelings" so that you can remove blockages which are holding you back. You can always ask this stone to help you call on the energies of the Divine Female or The Goddess so that She may clear out any "baggage" in order you enable you to start fresh

4. Botswana Agate: Botswana-Agate is an excellent stone that can balance your physical, emotional, and intellectual energies. It will give you inner stability and enable you to power forward with your goals. It will keep you strong and brave amidst the challenges so that you see the bigger picture and accomplish all you set out to do.

5. Goldstone: Goldstone works with your power center and activates your Solar Plexus. It help you purge any unwanted and stagnant energies in addition to propelling your forward in life. This stone is particularly great for achieving your goals and dreams by providing you with an "oomph" of courage and energy needed to keep you going. 



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