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Fall is right around the corner! This means, Halloween, Pumpkin Spice, majestic Fall scenery and of course incense! Cozy up with you favorite snacks and blanket and enjoy our recommended scents!

1. Cinnamon: An Autumn must have for your home! A fragrant scent with sensuous notes of cinnamon stick and clove bud. Cinnamon can also be used for protection. Simply light the incense in your home to banish any negative energies. Perfect to add to your cleansing rituals once a month!

2. Palo Santo: Your aromatic journey during Fall is incomplete without the woody, musky and citrusy fragrance of Palo Santo. Its authentic, soothing and soulful aroma heals your inner energy, uplifts the mood and exudes a cleansing optimistic aura in the fall ambience.  

3. Apple Crisp: A warm apple fragrance with notes of caramel, sea salt, juicy pear, sweet vanilla and graham cracker. If this doesn't cream fall, we don't know what will! Have your home smelling like lavish bakery in the Fall. This scent truly takes you back to childhood.

4. Amber: Warm, powdery and sweet, the elegant Amber aroma calms the mind and has a lasting fragrant effect on the Fall air. Its effortless and sophisticated aroma can be enjoyed in all hours of the day. Great for meditation practices and tranquil, cozy moments at home!

5. Pumpkin Spice: Everyone's favorite scent is back in stock! A spicy pumpkin scent with notes of red hot cinnamon, butter cream, clove buds, nutmeg, sweet vanilla bean and whipped cream. Pair this in the morning while sipping your Pumpkin Spice Latter or Pumpkin flavored coffee!

6. Vanilla: A classic, staple scent with a warm fragrance with rich notes of vanilla bean, aged bourbon, and maple sugar. This will melt your spirit into Fall vibes as you snuggle up with your favorite blanket. The sweet scents of Vanilla incense are grounding and creating a calming and warm environment with healing properties

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