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With the Holidays right around the corner, it can be quite chaotic navigating the human realm. With gifts to buy, parties to attend and long distant family members to see, it's no surprise that our stress levels can be heightened. As we know, crystals hold specific vibrational frequencies that attune with our internal resonance and bring forth changes in the way that we feel. We've carefully chosen a few crystals which can make the Holiday season a bit more joyful and jolly. Please continue reading to free yourself from worry, negativity, anxiety and any other negative emotions and feelings during this busy season.

Shungite protects us from EMF's; electromagnetic frequencies and it is a well known purifier. With an increase in man made electronic devices during the Holidays, those frequencies can impact us negatively on physical, mental and emotional levels. Carrying Shungite with you or wearing it as a jewelry piece can ease the effects from EMF's. Shungite correlates with the Root Chakra and enables you to connect to the physical while soaking up negative energy. This is also a great stone to keep on you when you are focusing on de-stressing. Shop our Shungite collection here.

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Bloodstone is an excellent stone that draws off negative environmental energy, helping to overcome "outside" influences such as other people's emotions. Bloodstone realigns the lower Chakras (Root and Sacral) so they are in balance. If your Root and Sacral Chakras are out of alignment you may feel insecure, powerless and ungrounded. Bloodstone keeps you rooted in your body and boosts your strength, vitality and resilience to negative influences. When we are mentally and emotionally drained, our Aura dims. Bloodstone sends bursts of "light" into our etheric fields and super charges us. We highly recommend carrying Bloodstone with you when you will be dealing with difficult people during the Holidays. Shop our Bloodstone collection here.

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Rhodonite is a stone for loving yourself through loving others and is connected to the Heart and Root Chakra points. It encourages forgiveness and promotes the wearer to remain calm in stressful situations and environments. Wearing Rhodonite close to our heart can heighten your Heart Chakra and allow you to remain in a state of love, no matter what is occurring around you. Shop our Rhodonite necklaces here. If you are struggling with accepting love, especially from those who may have hurt you in the past, Rhodonite is a great crystal to allow you to open up and be receptive. Rhodonite also give you the courage to draw upon your inner strength in touch situations. Shop our Rhodonite collection here

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Blue Calcite is known as the stone of the mind and is connected to the Throat Chakra. This stone is great for facilitating communication in a calm manner while encouraging an optimistic points of view. If you feel that your Throat Chakra is blocked around certain people, this a good stone to have because it dissolves those blockages, allowing communication to flow freely. Wearing Blue Calcite rings brings in good energy and facilitates level-headiness while keeping your emotions balanced. If you are feeling overly stimulated by outside factors, Blue Calcite palm stones are great tool to use in your meditation. Make your Holiday shopping stress-free as Blue Calcite absorbs any energies coming you way and filters out the negative ones, while simultaneously sending it back. Shop our Blue Calcite Collection here.

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Black Onyx is a well-known stone for protection. It also helps increase strength in physical, spiritual and emotional aspects. Black Onyx creates a protective shield around your aura that allow free flowing energy to come in, making this a great crystal for jewelry. This crystal is great for the Holiday season because it helps you navigate Holiday "drama" and sticky situations in a positive light. Activating your Root and Solar Plexus Chakras, Black Onyx will keep you grounded and protected. When it comes to emotional issues which are difficult to process, Black Onyx helps alleviate worries and enables us to see the bigger picture. If you feel yourself getting triggered by people, places and things, Black Onyx will help you keep control over your emotions. Shop Black Onyx Collection here


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