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There are a multitude of meditation tools available for us to use in our practices to enhance our connection to the Divine or to tune out daily stressors and be at peace. Although these tools are not a necessity, they can amplify our concentration and enable us to get into a deeper meditative state. Meditative tools can include but are not limited to; Harmonizers, Mala Beads, Bells, Baoding Balls and much more. In this article we will discuss what each of the above mentioned tools are and how to incorporate them into your meditative practices.

A Harmonizer is a word used to identify two identical crystals/stones which can be used interchangeably. Harmonizers are used to improve the way you feel and to raise your vibration or energy levels. By meditating with Harmonizers you can tap into universal energy and light. Harmonizers can come in a plethora of different crystals but their over all shape essentially stays the same. Harmonizers can be made of the same crystal/stone or have two varying crystal/stones that simultaneously work together such as Selenite and Black Tourmaline. Using Harmonizers is simple and requires absolutely no experience. Hold the Harmonizers in each hand and get into a comfortable sitting position with legs uncrossed.  Sit with your hands on your knee with palm up and holding your Harmonizers parallel to each other.  Close your eyes and relax allowing yourself to go into a meditative state and begin focusing on the energetic waves flowing through you. Harmonizers enable you to ground your energy inward and connect your body to the left and right hemispheres. Shop our Harmonizers here

Mala Beads originated in Hindu and Buddhist traditions and are used to keep the mind focused on the intention or prayer that you are meditating on. Typically, a set of Mala Bead contains 108-110 beads that are used for concentration. Mala beads can come in many forms such as Rudraksha seed, bone, Sandalwood, Rosewood, Lava Stones, Lotus Seed and Crystals. If you are working with Mala Beads that are made with natural crystal, remember that each crystal has it's own specific intention and purpose. For instance, if you are praying or wanting to manifest love, it's best practice to use a Rose Quartz Mala. Using Mala Beads helps focus your energy into your  intention(s) when you are in your meditative practice as you are physically touching the Mala Beads while keeping in tune with your breath. To start, hold you Mala beads in one hand and let it fall across your fingers so that you can easily move through the Mala Beads. Take one bead between your fingers; we recommend the thumb and middle finger, and begin to breathe in and out, slowly. Once you completed one breathe cycle, move to the next Mala Bead and repeat another breath cycle. Keep in mind to focus on your intention as you are breathing. Shop our Mala Beads here

Bells have a toning effect that offers therapeutic relief to the body such as muscle tension release, improved concentration and overall positivity. Tingsha Bells and Tibetan Brass Meditation Bells are the most popular form of bells to use in meditation. Tingsha Bells are circular brass chimes connected by a leather string used in meditation practices to help focus the mind. Simply hold each Tingsha bell in one hand and gently strike them together in intervals to bring forth awareness into the now. You can strike the Tingsha Bells each time your complete a breathe cycle or at any point you feel that your concentration is dwindling. Tibetan Brass Meditation Bells are free standing bells which can be paired with a Dorje. The Brass Meditation Bell symbolizes the female aspect while the Dorje represents the male aspect. Ringing a Bell helps you change your mind state if you feel that your thoughts are drifting away from the present moment. Once you ring the bell, your mind becomes re-focused on the "now". The technique in using the Brass Tibetan Meditation Bell is similar to that of the Tingsha Bells. Ring the bell either between breathe cycles or when you need an "extra boost" of concentration. Shop our Bells here

Baoding Balls contain built in chimes, one with a high frequency and one with a low frequency which produce a calming effect on the mind. Baoding Balls are great tools to use when you are meditating because they not only enhance your brain function but they also reduce stress, thus putting you in a calmer state of mind while meditating. To start, Place one Baoding Ball between your pinky and ring finger and place the other Baoding Ball between your middle and index finger. Begin by slowly rotating the balls with you fingers so that they swap places. Your thumb will be your support system as you can push the Baoding Balls, gently towards your body. This may take a bit of practice as you are training an entirely new area of motion in your body, but once you get the hang of it, this will become a simple task. As you push the Baoding Balls, you are activating and passing ‘Qi’ energy through meridian pathways. By applying pressure to your hands and fingers, through the manipulation of the Baoding Ball, you can help  "unlock" these meridian points and allow life energy to circulate within the body. As the "Qi" energy is moving through your body, you will be able to concentrate on the sensations and be completely in the moment.

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